78 quotation marks symbol

use these 78 quotation symbols for any project, document or whatever you like. you can see more of it on oyur home page.

quotation copy Symbols

These quotation marks symbols can be copied individually are useful for writers, editors , scholars and school officers. students will also love them.

Double quotation marks copy and paste

Double quotation marks are used to denote or mean direct speech, quotes and to lay emphasis on some terms.  You can copy the double quotation marks on this webpage. We have the opening double quotation mark and the closing double quotation marks.

Using Quotation marks on keyboard

If you have a windows 10 or 7 operating system, you can use the quotation marks on your keyboard by following these steps.

For double quotation marks, press Shift+2 for straight quotes.

Curly quotes will need to use character codes or change the settings. On MAC pc, PRESS option +[ for curly “ and option+] for curly ”

Single quotation marks steps

On windows PC, press SHIFT+’ to get  (‘ ‘).  On MAC pc, press option+] for ‘ and option+ shift +]for ’

These shortcuts are vital to use adequate single or double quotation marks. See also punctuation marks

Curly quotation marks copy and paste

We shall list some curly quotation marks you can copy and paste.

  • Opening double curly quotation mark: “
  • Closing double curly quotation mark: ”
  • Opening single curly quotation mark: ‘
  • Closing single curly quotation mark: ’

These can be directly copied and pasted into your text editor or word processor to maintain typographic standards.

Quotation Marks Symbol Aesthetic

Quotation marks contribute significantly to the aesthetic and readability of text.

Single Quotation Marks examples

We employ single quotation marks in a variety of ways when writing. For examples, see

  1. He said, “I heard him say ‘he will die’.”
  2. The lecturer , ‘climate change and its impact is well received”.

If you have been trying to type the quotation symbol, just folloethese step- on your keyboard, find the quotation button while holding down the shift button. you can repeat the process if you didnt type the quotation symbol the first time. we simply .

which key is the shift key?

The Shift key ⇧ is used as a moifier key on your keypad . we can use it in typing capital letter and other characters. we have two shift keys. one on your right and left sides below the home keys.

Time i press the quotation mark top button right anything when i press shift. If it’s up here then you get the thing on top. So now i made quotation marks right there and i can type

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