Indian rupee symbol text ₹ copy and paste

indian rupee symbol text copy and paste

indian-rupee Symbols copy paste


How can i type symbol ₹ rupee?

if you want to type the Rupee symbol from your keyboard, ensure you have set the default keyboard language to English (India). Next, open up a Notepad or Microsoft word document. Then you  press and hold the ‘control’, ‘alt’, and then 4 keys to give the Indian Rupee Symbol “₹” (for Windows).

How can you add the ₹ in HTML?

The Indian Rupee Sign

  1. UNICODE . U+ 020B9
  2. HEX CODE &#x20B9 ;
  3. HTML CODE ₹
  5. CSS CODE- /20B9 // html example. <span> }

can you add the ₹ in Excel?

On the keyboard, Press CTRL + 1 to open the format cells dialog box. when its open , check the Category list, and choose Currency or Accounting. Now in the Symbol box, select the currency symbol you need you can click none to display a monetary value instead.

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